Captain Andy's Sunset Cruise

During my time in Kauai I was fortunate enough to be able to get out on the water with Capt. Andy's Sailing Adventure for a sunset dinner cruise along the Na Pali Coast. This coast is only accessible by boat, helicopter, or by hiking the Kalalau Trail. Permits to hike the trail are sold out way in advance, and you won't get a steak and shrimp dinner on a helicopter tour. Therefore, Capt. Andy's for the win in my opinion. Their boat's are built specially for sailing along the Na Pali coast, ensuring a sweet and smooth ride out to view one of Earth's greatest landscapes. 


The views along the way are nothing short of epic. The captain shares little tidbits of information about the island on the ride out, which is about an 80 mile long boat ride from the harbor to the furthest point the boat travels. This tour is about 5 hours long, providing plenty of time to sit back, relax, and enjoy that Hawaiian sun while being surrounded by great people. 


Once taking 2 passes, one up close and one further away, from the famous coastline the captain opened the sail as the crew served dinner. While lazily sailing back towards the harbor guests are served a hearty dinner of steak and shrimp with carrots, asparagus and potatoes on the side. After dinner a key lime cheesecake was placed in front of me and I thought for sure I was in heaven. This is about the time the ships engines are turned back on and the ride back to harbor begins. 

On the way back I noticed whale in the distance blowing up water on the surface. I was quite shocked to see them this late in the season. I told a young girl sitting next to me to watch for it in the distance and right on queue the steam of water appeared in the distance. A few minutes after this the captain stops the ship and directs our attention to a whale sighted nearby. I already had . my camera out and my zoom lens on, so when the whale kicked its tale up to make a push deep below the surface I was able to capture a photo.


Once the sun began to set the sky exploded with color for a good 20 minutes of the ride, finishing off just as we pulled into harbor. I want to thank the crew at Capt. Andy's for an enjoyable evening on the water and if you are ever in Kauai I highly recommend you check them out!