Kauai Farmacy

On my recent trip to Kauai I was invited to tag along on the farm tour at the Kauai Farmacy, which is a 4-acre medicinal farm in Hawaii growing over 70 varieties of plants and herbs. They produce seed to cup teas, spices, superfoods, salves, and tinctures for a multitude of ailments.  I have to admit, I was very impressed with both the project that is Kauai Farmacy, as well as the tour I was taken on. The level of knowledge the staff possess was incredible and I am very grateful for being able to experience this during my time on the island. 


The teas they produce are done so with herbs and plants grown on-site and without the use of pesticides or herbicides. They grow in rich volcanic soil and are fed high quality organic matter and minerals. Their Vitalitea, for example, is meant to be drank as a rejuvenating daily tonic. Nutritive herbs such as Moringa and Noni provide energy and vital amino acids. Turmeric reduces inflammation and nourishes the liver while Mulberry, Yacon, and Cinnamon regulate blood sugar. Gotu Kola and Rosemary support cerebral integrity and sharpen cognitive function while Tulsi ties it all together with adrenal health, stress relief and increased self-awareness. Each herb plays an integral role in making this tea a powerhouse support system for well-being. To see all of the teas Kauai Farmacy offers go here.


At the beginning of the tour everyone samples all of the teas while getting the history and background of the farm. For 30 years, prior to purchasing the land, this property was a horse pasture. This is great news for two reason: 1. Because this wasn't a farm in the past, there has been no use of pesticide on the land. 2. Horse manure is extremely beneficial to soil health. Both of these facts help ensure the plants and herbs grown at the Kauai Farmacy are done so in optimal conditions. 


After sipping the teas and learning a bit about the history of the farm we were taken to the drying and processing room. Here the herbs are dried on mesh screens in a special room built just for this purpose. The controlled environment ensure consistency and health of the product before being processed and packaged into the final product. All harvesting is done so by hand, slowly cured on-site, and blended and packaged within weeks off picking. 

Harvesting is done daily and dependent on weather, as well as each individual plants needs. There are schedules to follow, but if the plants are telling the staff they are ready to be picked, they will listen. Same goes for feeding and watering. Schedules are not followed blindly. Instead, the needs of the plant are first and foremost. 

The staff was some of the happiest people I have ever seen. You can tell they are doing what they love and their care for health, nature, and their work was evident. 

I can't thank the team over at the Kauai Farmacy enough for having me. I am very grateful for the experience and left feeling inspired by what they are doing as well as the happiness and care the staff possess. Now if you'll excuse me I have a tea party to plan.